The wisdom of great investors

The wisdom of great investors #4

“Far more money has been lost by
investors trying to anticipate corrections,
than lost in the corrections themselves.”


Peter Lynch
Legendary Investor & Author


In this fourth of a series looking at the wisdom of great investors, we focus on the perils of trying to time the market.READ MORE

The wisdom of great investors #3

“There is always something to worry about and a hundred reasons not to invest. Those who abandon stocks because of fear or uncertainty may pay a tremendous price. History has shown that a diversified portfolio of equities held for the long term has been the best way to build real wealth.”


Shelby M.C. Davis
Legendary investor and founder of Davis Advisors


In this third of a series looking at the wisdom of great investors, we focus on the importance of taking a long-term approach to investing in equities.READ MORE

The wisdom of great investors #2

“Emotions can wreak havoc on investor returns. Keeping them in check is critical to building long-term wealth.”


Charles Munger
Vice-Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway


In this second of a series looking at the wisdom of great investors, we focus on the impact that emotional decision making can have on investment outcomes.READ MORE

The wisdom of great investors #1

“A market downturn doesn’t bother us. It is an
opportunity to increase our ownership of
great companies with great management at
good prices.”


Warren Buffett
Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway


In this first of a series looking at the wisdom of great investors, we focus on market corrections and how they can be an opportunity for the patient, long-term investor.READ MORE

The wisdom of great investors

We are pleased to provide you with access to a series of videos featuring Chris Davis, Chairman, Portfolio Manager and Analyst from Davis Advisors. The PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund was launched in 2014, with Davis Advisors as the Sub Investment Manager, responsible for the day to day investment management of the Fund.READ MORE


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