PAN Tribal Asset Management | Portfolio Categories Launch April 2015
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Pan-Tribal Launch

The Pan-Tribal Asset Management offices at 1 Collins Street Melbourne were officially opened last week. A number of industry heavy-weights joined CEO Colin Woods and his team to celebrate the opening and wish them – and the business – well. He was joined by Peter Sackmann of Davis Advisors, as well as dealer group heads, researchers and financial advisers.


Woods gave an impromptu speech in the boardroom, watched over by tribal leaders and innovators such as cricketing legend Donald Bradman, former Prime Ministers Ben Chifley and John Curtin, aviator Maude Bonney, the first woman to fly solo between Australia and England, and astronaut Neil Armstrong. He talked about the inspiration to start his own ‘tribe’ and the vision he has for the business.


There was much laughter and bonhomie. Many an attendee marked their space on the balcony for the Grand Final parade (that now may not pass that way at all).  Thanks to all who attended and ensured this office opening was one to remember.


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