CPD: Strong growth opportunities in Emerging Markets equities

The complexities exhibited by Emerging Markets create significant market inefficiencies and strong potential for meaningful alpha generation.

Emering Markets specialist Ashmore Investment Management, a PAN-Tribal Asset Management investment partner, examines the benefits of exposure to emerging market equities and explores how these markets perform during US rate cycles in this CPD-accredited article.

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Rethinking TINA: The Emerging Eight

The role of the human psychological cycle in driving stock and bond prices is well understood and pre-dates behavioural economics. There are elements that suggest we may be going through another period of ‘irrational exuberance’ as several long-term investors seem stuck in the mindset that ‘There Is No Alternative’ (TINA) to US equities.READ MORE

Ashmore: Live From The IC – Vietnam

Vietnam is often regarded as a ‘poster child’ for developing nations, offering a wealth of investment potential. This is with good reason, given several structural growth drivers are underpinned by attractive demographics, a young, well-educated, and low-cost workforce, as well as an advantageous strategic geographic location.READ MORE

Emerging markets – a positive long term outlook

At a recent lunch presentation, Ashmore portfolio manager Edward Evans talked about the exciting investment opportunities available in Emerging Markets for the astute, disciplined investor.

Emerging markets (EM) have changed over the years. Where once EM represented just one percent of the MSCI All Countries World Index, it now represents 12 percent. Where the investment universe spanned just 10 countries, it now encompasses more than 27.READ MORE

The Ashmore Advantage

PAN-Tribal recently had the pleasure of hosting Ashmore’s Edward Evans, Portfolio Manager of the Ashmore Emerging Markets Equity Fund. It was great to return to live events and to have the opportunity to introduce our newest product to advisers. We’d like to share some insights from those lunches with you.

Emerging markets (EM) have complicated governance structures, evolving macroeconomics and immature institutions, which leads them to be dynamic, complex and their stocks volatile. This is good news because it creates significant market inefficiency and the potential for meaningful alpha generation. The important skill is being able to discern between the good companies – those that can sustain strongly positive returns – and the rest.READ MORE

Article of Interest: Private Equity and the Allocation Gap

Private equity investments are simply investments in private companies. There is a broad spectrum of private equity investment structures but typically it involves the PE manager (also known as a General Partner or sponsor) acquiring a controlling stake in a business.

The asset class has grown tremendously over the past 10 years as investors are increasingly attracted to its long-term nature and historic outperformance against public equity market benchmarks.

The Barwon Global Listed Private Equity team have shared their thoughts on this topic which you can read further by clicking here.


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Article of Interest: How the chase for yield is benefitting alternative asset managers in a BIG way

In a recent article, the Barwon Global Listed Private Equity team have discussed what has triggered the growth in alternative asset managers (AAMs) and why they are partnering with insurance companies.

With interest rates at historical lows and looking to stay that way for the foreseeable future, we are seeing many investors looking at AAMs as a source for higher income.

AAMs have had a strong performance this calendar year to date and whilst valuation multiples have clearly expanded, we believe the share price appreciation is supported by robust fundamentals, solid investment performance through the pandemic, and perhaps more importantly – an expanding total addressable market (TAM). One of the biggest areas of growth for a number of the large established AAMs has been partnerships with insurance companies. And specifically, in the area of annuities.

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