Author:Tracey Franks

Emerging markets – a positive long term outlook

At a recent lunch presentation, Ashmore portfolio manager Edward Evans talked about the exciting investment opportunities available in Emerging Markets for the astute, disciplined investor.

Emerging markets (EM) have changed over the years. Where once EM represented just one percent of the MSCI All Countries World Index, it now represents 12 percent. Where the investment universe spanned just 10 countries, it now encompasses more than 27.READ MORE

The Ashmore Advantage

PAN-Tribal recently had the pleasure of hosting Ashmore’s Edward Evans, Portfolio Manager of the Ashmore Emerging Markets Equity Fund. It was great to return to live events and to have the opportunity to introduce our newest product to advisers. We’d like to share some insights from those lunches with you.

Emerging markets (EM) have complicated governance structures, evolving macroeconomics and immature institutions, which leads them to be dynamic, complex and their stocks volatile. This is good news because it creates significant market inefficiency and the potential for meaningful alpha generation. The important skill is being able to discern between the good companies – those that can sustain strongly positive returns – and the rest.READ MORE

PAN-Tribal launches Emerging Markets Fund

We’re pleased to announce a collaboration with Ashmore Investment Management to deliver access to Emerging Markets opportunities to Australian investors. This has facilitated the recent launch of the Ashmore Emerging Markets Equity Fund.

Ashmore is an Emerging Markets specialist, managing A$123 billion in Emerging Markets assets across fixed income, equities and alternatives. Read more about Ashmore here.READ MORE

Season’s greetings

From all of us at PAN-Tribal Asset Management, warmest wishes to you, your family and your colleagues for a very happy Christmas. We hope you have the opportunity to take a break after what’s been another challenging year and we wish you a healthy, happy and successful year ahead.

PAN-Tribal’s office will close Wednesday 22 December and re-open on Monday 10 January. It will be business as usual for our registry service; applications will be processed and unit prices struck on business days during this time.

Stay safe over the festive period and we look forward to working with you in 2022.

Season’s greetings

From all of us at PAN-Tribal Asset Management, warmest wishes to you and your family for a very happy Christmas. We hope you have the opportunity to rest after what’s been a challenging year and wish you a healthy, happy and successful year ahead. READ MORE

Three years running…PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund maintains highest Zenith rating

We’re delighted to announce that the PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund has maintained its Highly Recommended rating from Zenith.

Zenith describes the International Shares – Global (unhedged) sector as one of the most competitive fields in the investment landscape, based on the number of managers and strategies available to investors. Despite this, the PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund – which provides a style-neutral, currency unhedged and benchmark unaware exposure to international equities – has been awarded Zenith’s highest rating for the third year running.READ MORE

Important COVID-19 update

PAN-Tribal Asset Management would like to confirm to our investors and the broader financial advisory community that we will be operating as usual throughout Victoria’s Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions following Premier Andrews’ declaration of a State of Disaster on Sunday, August 2.READ MORE


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