PAN-Tribal Asset Management will source and distribute high quality investment products managed by experts from around the world.

Our focus

While being mindful of investment trends, we also look for products that will fulfil an unmet investment need…be it asset class, investment style or investment discipline of the underlying fund manager. This focus on delivering a range of quality financial products by partnering with the world’s best is encapsulated in our name:



~ spanning all, implying union of all

branches of a group, a bringing together

~ members of a community, a group of

individuals united by a common thread


As key executives are shareholders in the business and significant investors in our products, clients can expect a strong alignment between their objectives and ours.

Our vision

PAN-Tribal’s vision is to be considered the leading boutique Asset Management company in Australia, measured by:

Our clients

  • Playing a key role to assist our clients achieve their financial goals, build wealth and preserve capital.
  • Putting client interests first – this flows from PAN-Tribal through to the fund managers we partner with.

Our products

  • Providing true-to-label investment products and solutions that consistently meet our clients’ investment objectives.
  • Having ‘skin in the game’, with key executives co-investing with investors, actions not just words affirming PAN-Tribal’s faith in the managers appointed and belief in the business.


Institutional investors

PAN-Tribal is pleased to represent Davis Advisors in the institutional market. Institutional enquiries are to be directed to Colin Woods.


PAN-Tribal is wholly owned by its founders Colin and Paul Woods, and a small number of private investors.   Colin, an experienced asset management CEO, has teamed up with Paul Woods, who has been involved in the financial services industry since 1980.   Paul is the Principal and Managing Director of one of Melbourne’s leading independent financial planning boutiques, which he established in 1984.


Paul Woods


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