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The tenet underpinning PAN-Tribal Asset Management is to create wealth for investors by sourcing the best financial products from the best investment managers worldwide.
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"Highly Recommended" for

the sixth year running -

Zenith's rating of the

PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund

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Colin Woods

Chief Executive Officer


Introducing the Ashmore

Emerging Markets Equity Fund,

managed by experienced investors

with an enviable track record

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"Our investment process is founded on

two essential questions: 'What kind of

businesses do we want to own?' and

'How much should we pay for them?'"

Danton Goei

Research Analyst & Portfolio Manager, PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund

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“Since my grandfather made his first

investment in Japan following World War II,

we have recognized attractive investment

opportunities are not confined

to any geography.


To build wealth, investors must search for

great companies regardless of their location.”

Chris Davis

Chairman, Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst

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The tenet underpinning PAN-Tribal Asset Management is to create wealth for investors by sourcing the best financial products from the best investment managers worldwide, and backing that with first-rate service and support.


A client-centric focus is at the heart of the business – this flows from PAN-Tribal through to the investment managers we partner with. As well as meeting stringent quality criteria, those investment managers must have values consistent with those we embrace at PAN-Tribal.

Co-investment is central to our business; being exposed to the same risks and reaping the same rewards ensures alignment with our clients’ objectives.

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The PAN-Tribal

Global Equity Fund

is now available

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