Fund overview


The Barwon Global Listed Private Equity Fund AF is a feeder fund investing in units of the Barwon Global Listed Private Equity Fund (underlying fund). The feeder fund has been designed exclusively to allow investors using platforms and IDPS products access to Barwon’s bottom up, research driven investment approach as well as exposure to listed private equity as an asset class.


The Barwon Global Listed Private Equity Fund (BGLPEF) was established in 2007 and aims to provide investors with a high performing portfolio of private equity investments in a fee efficient manner while offering daily liquidity.


The Fund invests in publicly-traded investment companies that invest in the equity and debt of private companies, including buyouts, growth capital and venture capital. The Fund also invests in private equity-backed listed companies.


Undertaking bottom-up, hands-on research, Barwon’s team seeks to identify the best opportunities from an investment universe of 900 listed securities. The output of this research is a benchmark unaware portfolio consisting typically of 20-25 securities, which aims to provide diversification across geographies, deal stages and vintages.


Key features of the Barwon Global Listed Private Equity Fund


  • Bottom up, research driven investment approach
  • Benchmark unaware portfolio
  • Unleveraged, long only, open ended fund with daily liquidity
  • Transparency and flexibility, unlike traditional private equity approach
  • Value-oriented approach to security selection
  • The strategy has been running for 13 years.

“Listed private equity provides investors with PE returns, but with public market liquidity. It is an inefficient market, so alpha can be generated through active management.”

Sam Armstrong – Head of Private Equity, Barwon Investment Partners

Fund facts

* these amounts may be varied if investment is made via a platform.

Unit Prices