The Wisdom of Great Investors

We are pleased to provide you with access to a series of videos featuring Chris Davis, Chairman, Portfolio Manager and Analyst from Davis Advisors. The PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund was launched in 2014, with Davis Advisors as the Sub Investment Manager, responsible for the day to day investment management of the Fund.

In making the decision to appoint Davis Advisors there were a range of factors that appealed to the PAN-Tribal Board; longevity, a simple and sensible investment philosophy and process, and a history steeped in alignment of interest and stewardship. In viewing these videos, we are positive that not only will these attributes be self-evident, but you will also gain an insight into the unique culture and beliefs that have made Davis Advisors a generational success story.

A Q&A with Danton Goei

Danton Goei of Davis Advisors, portfolio manager of the PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund, recently visited Australia. We held a series of events at which Danton shared his insights with financial advisers and answered a range of questions.

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions, and Danton’s responses to them. To read the Q&A with Danton Goei, click here.




Davis Advisors, a generational success story: IFA

On the eve of Danton Goei’s visit to Australia, IFA magazine has published an insightful piece on Davis Advisors and its investment approach as part of a broader feature on global equity investments.

The article looks at the differentiated approach employed by Davis, in particular, the flexibility to invest anywhere in the world and up and down the market cap spectrum, which is an advantage relative to benchmark driven funds.READ MORE

What’s piquing our interest? #2

In our last instalment, Peter Sackmann, CFA, analyst and portfolio review committee member at Davis Advisors (Davis), provided some thoughts and insights about the US, providing the Davis view of markets, sectors and companies. In this second instalment, we cover the Davis view of Europe and Asia.READ MORE

A world of contrasts: Davis Advisors

Speaking to financial advisers at a recent Pan-Tribal lunch, Peter Sackmann of Davis Advisors took attendees on a world tour, looking at markets, sectors and stocks in each region.

Peter Sackmann, CFA, analyst and portfolio review committee member at Davis Advisors (Davis) told attendees that the US market had been hampered by twin uncertainties – a divisive and contentious election campaign, and the timing of the tightening cycle expected by the US Federal Reserve (the Fed).READ MORE

What’s piquing our interest? #1

The Pan-Tribal team was delighted to host Peter Sackmann recently. Peter, CFA, analyst and portfolio review committee member at Davis Advisors (Davis) spoke to financial advisers at a range of events, updating them on the Davis view of markets, sectors and companies. We’ll share some of Peter’s insights with you over the coming weeks.

In this first part, we cover the United States – a country that has certainly been the focus of attention in recent times!READ MORE

For Davis Global Fund’s Manager, Patience Pays

Danton Goei, portfolio manager of the Pan-Tribal Global Equity Fund, was recently interviewed by Barron’s Asia.

“The firm’s research team of nine analysts, including (Danton) Goei and (Chris) Davis, draws from decades of research to identify suitable stocks. Because of the fund’s low turnover and compact portfolio, Goei is looking for only one or two ideas from each of his research colleagues. “These are companies that historically have had a competitive advantage and will continue to deliver above-average returns on invested capital,” he says.

To read the article, click here.

The wisdom of great investors #2

“Emotions can wreak havoc on investor
returns. Keeping them in check is critical to
building long-term wealth.”


Charles Munger
Vice-Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway


In this second of a series looking at the wisdom of great investors, we focus on the impact that emotional decision making can have on investment outcomes.READ MORE